Welcome To Titan Tour Productions


We are a production company based in Staffordshire, we provide a full range of production services including PA, Lighting, Staging and Tour Managing and work across the UK. Whether you're an agent, artist, manager or an event organiser, you need a production solution that takes care of the technical side so you're free to focus on your job.

We know that a show works best when everyone works together. We also know that a lot of that work happens before the tour begins. That's why we use all our experience and expertise to ask all the relevant questions so there are no surprises. We can help with designing tech specs, speak to venue technical managers on your behalf and ensure that everyone involved has all the information they need to perform at their best.

In the entertainment industry there are no second chances. We're in the business of creating lasting memories and one-off experiences. No two performances are the same and our passion is faciliatating an artist to connect to their audience. We allow an artist to have the freedom to absorb themselves within a performance, safe in the knowledge that we are there for them wherever that show may take them. They know when Titan are on the job we free the artist from technical concerns so they don't have to worry about any technical elements of the show.

Nothing is too much trouble, we're passionate about what we do, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile. We endeavour to be friendly and approachable and constantly strive for new levels of excellence. Where other companies stop…that's where we begin.."ok" and "fine" are not good enough for us. #thetitanexperience #bestsoundever